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from causes not well understood. It is a clinical fact familiar to every

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curs in dilatation of the right ventricle. In i)ersons with thin chest-walls,

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oil (1 grain of opium, l-6th grain of the extract of belladonna, and 1 drop

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pecially in the infra-scaj)ular region. {See Fig. 17.) If the subcrepitant rales

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by jieritonitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, dysentery, suppurative hepatitis, or

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the last stage of Bright's disease may suddenly develop high temperature

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little good. Transfusion has been proposed and practised with no definite

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in pneumonia and pleurisy is an example of this form. The same kind

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Renal Hyperemia. — Renal Hemorrhage. — Nephritis, (a) Acute Nephritis,

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ysms of asthma. As soon as the daily use of the quinine is discontinued,

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Clinical experience has shown that relapsing fever is a contagious disease,

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fragment makes a prominence against the anterior fold of the axilla.

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cent of the cases. These symptoms are in the nature of syncope,

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leave a peculiar, puckered, white scar. After suppuration has oc-

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of this a"ffection are usually due to turbinated

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of the four upper cervical vertebrae, death is liable to occur, because of

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the results of lesions of the nervous system. Quite likely lesions of the

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obstruction in the branches of the pulmonary artery.

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absorption of lung-tissue ; they may cause an excess of air in one part of

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Signs. — 1. Shortening — three-fourths of an inch, to one inch.

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appears in poor children, and in old men of gouty habits. The stone

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very generally practised, and soon fell into disuse, as there were no reliable

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of an organ. When necrosis affects palpable masses of tissue it is called

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Rigor mortis is marked immediately after death, and muscular contrac-

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The Art of Photography by thia procesn, developed for Amateurs and Beginners.

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cells or effete materials, but more important than all, bacteria which

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of the tricuspid valves follows, and the resulting regurgitation through the