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This dividing into fragments is brought about by the
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in religion he is a Presbyterian, He is a member of the
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ent bureaus and committees to faithfully perform the duties
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The best results are obtained from Bier's hyperemia, the local application
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in the country. His skill and success in abdominal sur-
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among the first in his State and the adjacent State of
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Is a man socially justified, under any circumstances, in beget-
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some nausea, with occasional slight vomiting and diarrhoea;
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3. " Sixty-five Consecutive Cases of Scarlatina successfully treated by
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in the common schools, and after teaching for a short time studied
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pendent upon some local cause, the remedy has hardly any beneficial influence.
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force I dared to employ with the sound. Glycerole of belladonna,
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JULIUS ULLMAN, M. D.— After graduation from the medical de-
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spent in studying with Koch and other masters in Berlin and Vienna
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= ■ ■ . ;j..<v f;-.-.. -s'h cl; 'i»' ••■iiJ
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ness of the reproduction, we here give a few specimen para-
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bone, is raised to the level of each secondary fissural tract ;
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placed behind, by the rear-piece (Austria) ; great force is
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doses of salicylic acid or salicylate of soda, 30 to 45 gr. (gm. 2 to 3) a day,
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plaint, it is rare for a married man who is strictly virtuous to
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row's office address is No. 219 West Seventieth Street, New York City.
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physician, and a comprehensive and simplified guide for domestic
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magnificent physique and robust healtli ; also mental
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Dr. Nichol for giving to the medical public, in the volume before
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in eastern North Carolina, his estate then being the famous
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sun goes up to meridian, decreases as it goes down, and disap-
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with bile and urates. He had no jaundice, or pain in the
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