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Originate, pp. 330-343. [MS. dated Dec. 1902.] [W a , W m .]
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experiments descfibed in A) which was kept at a constant temperature
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Dana, Oppenheim, and Clarke, and regards the characteristic lesion of
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ously washed ; add to these sufficient wine-vinegar and water,
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subsequently, paronychia, associated with loss of nail.
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abolished, which in itself is a great advantage, as there is
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and dizziness. These symptoms had grown worse rapidly, so that for three
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of the nuclei, while the eleidin is diff'used throughout all the thickness
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long had been secondarily attacked. I was rather at a loss to account
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increased, indicating larger excretion of toxins. Of this there
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in value. Like chrysarobin, it is unsuited for the acute or rapidly
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tissues of rabbits killed a few minutes after intravenous injection, a power
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these diseases. These and similar discoveries show that
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cology has expanded into a science, it might almost be said, a science
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They exhibit fomething like an application of the mechanical
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Food and Drugs Act, 1875-1899, as not genuine until the
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whole space with the exception of a small canal, too
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public health worker who is attempting preventive measures, to the
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vesicular breathing, which generally fails to be heard because it is overpowered by
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after day, caused a specific inflammation of the stomach — an inflam-
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tables into this sauce, of which there should be just enough to
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ansemia and cachexia, with which may be associated structural changes
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the percentage of actual cures has been so much greater than
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Please hurry and take the picture and then we can go home.
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edge of the latissimus dorsi to the lower border of the
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area involved in the injury is intensely congested and somewhat swollen.
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Recent honors include the Roswell Park Medal given in recognition of his
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diseased teeth), remove detached pieces of bone and in-
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lymphangitis in horses, a disease which in appearance
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(l) It is sometimes taken to mean white arsenic; ''but it is
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so many who were able to appreciate and criticise. Many of his