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Wintrobe, Maxwell M., Clinical Hematology, Lea and Febiger.
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concentration. If changes in concentration cause changes in
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is twelve days inclusive, except after inoculation, when it is only eight days
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staining and rinsing the stained specimens is prepared.
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animal had been protected. (1) The action of this serum is specific, with a
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14. Vaughan, V. C: History and Epidemiology of Typhus Fever, Jour^
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Schrotter, who worked in the same direction and made experi-
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other than ragweed, in patients that give a positive reaction to
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peritonitis, and flakes of purulent lymph occasionally hide the lesion.
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absent, but a good deal of thirst ; frequent eructations, with
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containing at least 2,000 units per liter. The following
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two or three days the eruption fades slowly, leaving persistent petechial
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of each cholesterol solution and then recheck the zero
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accumulation of epicardial fat, whence it spreads between the muscle
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actual,' nothing half so real, as what can neither be seen nor
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sults, as so large a mass of valuable material should have been,
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washed with water, dried in air, mounted on a slide with Canada balsam,
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sometimes scattered, rather than in a distinct compact nucleus.
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and this persisted after the latter had terminated. It finally
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milk. Barley-water, well strained oat-gruel, white of egg, thin custard,
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mortality, but to what extent cannot be estimated until statistics of a
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coincident with the onset of diabetes in 3 cases out of 4. and in
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both light and accommodation. His lungs were emphysematous
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At the same time, constipation does in some instances arise
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the abutilon, the hibiscus, and other members of the mallow