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posed to the heat suddenly as there will be an excessive reaction.
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iind in which, therefore, the acid is most freely eliminated. We can-
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We will now discuss very briefly the muscular atrophies con-
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stop the hemorrhage. This can often be accomplished by the applica-
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the names assigned to the disease, viz., arfhrife sMie, was intended to
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only when the onti^ut of nitrogen was greater than the income.
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Many medicinal substances like opium, contain several distinct
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chronic misery, in Avliich tlie use of the terms acute and chronic is
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tion of the amount of fluid taken in and the amount of urine excreted
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the free excretion of haemoglobin in the paroxysms of hsemoglobinuria, and
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coal consumes the oxygen out of one hundred and twenty cubic feet
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standing. Various causes may give rise to such peculiarities of coloration,
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are danger signals and should be driven out by persistent ventilation
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40 grams of chestnuts shelled, or 60 grams unshelled.
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