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73. Reproductive Organs of T. echinococcus during fertilisation .
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been discussed under the misnomer of the moral faculties. Dr.
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and one of the scholars of his time. His works are,
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is preferable to any on the market. (A Year's Experience with
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that is required when the laceration is slight, and it is adopted immedi-
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noury, performed gastrotomy in a case of internal strangulation.
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Tics and Facial Spasm. — I have seen several cases in which
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costal flap, to resect the protruding omentum; and, at the moment of
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by the same unhealthy deposits and ulcers in the nose,
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round cell infiltration of the connective tissue sheaths.
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sary to greatly increase the excretion of water. When
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and dilated state of the lymphatic vessels. The prostate gland, the
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numerous fibres of connective and muscular tissue : there, also, con-
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right labium majus. The pain, which was constant, increased in
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leave the boy to die without giving him the chance of an
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examine, in fact, was quite small (Table 5). Ordinarily, when
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largest vessels are bordered by zones of leucocyte infiltration which occupy the
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The nutrient enema is always given high, as the rectum itself has
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Frothingham, and Dinwiddie, which were soon followed by the
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derable alteration within the last few years in England.- — See Sir A. Cooper's
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pneumonia and pleurisy and their respective symptoms
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State has the unique distinction of having the only active volcano in the
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up in regular order the different branches of medicine.
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tities in man, it produces weakness, with great increase in the
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Extrauterine Gestation treated by Abdominal Section. — Dr.
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The first experiments, such as Drs. Rabow, Hagen, Hiifler, Reich-