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Statisticians have not yet proved that brains are in-
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house, and I prescribed for her a simple bitter infusion, as her appetite was failing. This,
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parts of the body by the general systemic circulation. As a conse-
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confined to the urethra, as has been held by many writers.
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Primary neoplasms of the endocardium are very rare, still more so
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From all these accounts more than 80,000 cases were submitted
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he had found it answer well. Against the method of mechanically fixing the
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atory was the effect of low oxygen on the phenomena of nystagmus
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ends of the two shafts by silver wire — holes being first drilled in each.
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of it. In these subjects there exists a disproportion between the
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ety does not commit itself to an approval of the present sketch
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of palpitations, and he has never found them to resist the employment
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smaller veins were affected like the arteries. The new
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the first stage of the disease, and for this reason should be considered
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Irontali. Gior. nied. d. i-. esercito [etc.], Koma, 1897, xlv,
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from some observations of MM. Pincet and Louis Dor, in the Lyon
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for reducing dislocations at the elbow-joint, especially
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for the failure of the cathartics, we must proceed cautiously, and not
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traction being a shock, and so sudden as to be exactly like the shock
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intestine, showing four tuberculous strictures ; (2) form of syringe for
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but so long as the cells, acting as filters, prevent the diffusion of
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24 hours being .70 inch on the 17th. Since January 1, the
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lower limbs, in the scrotum, and in other parts of the body. He
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becoming a general one, on account of the severe local
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and attention should be given to the temperature and moisture
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sulting film. This was held on January 19, 1963, and
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tion with fractures. Kansas City M. Kec, 1900, xvii, 3-7. —