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convulsions the inhibitory function of the vagus is
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contact with the patient, I will suspend this second
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die inevitably. Of course, the most important thing
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duce a half-hearted immunity ; injection of tuberculin
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however, he felt so strongly that he had had more than his
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arranged in the following manner : First, a descrip-
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120 and 130, and the general state of the patient, I
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typhoid fever is its occurrence in small communities
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Entrance treatment (in the form of a high turpentine
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being placed into absolute alcohol within ttvo hours
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pass, he may be allowed a second trial a year later,
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Dear Doctor: — In reply to your further inquiry, on be-
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The windows in the biiildini;' were small and of such
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third week of typhoid fever symptoms of cholecystitis
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reaches a vessel. S(;haudinn recently described the
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of the etiology and pathology of the various surgi-
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Re-exaraination in the light of this finding showed
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the umbilical veins, capillaries of the liver, inter-
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142, or 33 per cent. ; or imibDical, 11, or 2.60 per
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•''■' Wende: .Journ. Am. Med. Assn., xxxiii, p. 120.
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R. B. Chapman, acting assistant surgeon. Ordered to duty
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level of the posterior nares, and the solution slowly
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additional expense caused by the maintainence of the
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phia 3, Pittsburg 10, Providence 1, Boston 5, Lynn 3, and Cam-
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are constantly in the habit of sacrificing their pa-
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George Julius Engelmann, M..I), M.M.F.S., of Framingham
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William S. Playpair, M.D.,of London, one of the most
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so lon;^ as some oflicial could have his pockets liix^d as a
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physician of Marseilles, and for more than twenty years
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patient locates in exactly the area in which the pain
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Case III. S. 02.359, male, forty-six years old. Ad-
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believed to be due to an obstruction in the biliary
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in pain, which by this time had become quite severe.
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cause those operated upon have got relief, while in
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Shame-faced, head-down anopheles." Photo, x 3 times (Dr. Hodge)
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tion to his muscular efforts, and which is present in
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a virulent culture of the bacillus comnuuie coli to
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R.. 563, 594; is registration and disinfection a successful method of com-
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