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believe a careful investigation of each case will generally reveal the cause. I

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of the passengers and of the animals committed to his

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people who were of good character before increased until they became unbearable and,

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known as the class tioul)a(l()ur . . . and so ends the

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post-graduate and polyclinic schools, many equip themselves for treat-

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Scrofulous ulcers are benefited by it in an especial degree ; and when

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reduced, leaving, indeed, at the time of operation, pre-

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They normalize peristaltic action instead of inhibiting it, as so

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Board of Censors and recommended by the Executive Com-

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Muirhead, then one of the Managers. The Lecture Rooms,

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most valuable adjunct to surgery and a most ber of cases presented to us the intestinal

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some very mild cases there is no throat affection. If the throat be but

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and nucleated. The central cells were stratified, and refused

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Address M. H. YEAMAN, Superintendent. Long Distance Phones— Cumberland East 257a ; Home 3565.

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insomnia also disappeared in a short time. The girl

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nutrition. In 1889, it was pointed out by Frenkel of Heiden^

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perature of the fever-patient would- depend not only on the

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some account of which has been inserted in our pages. Among our-

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The next paper is an interesting one by Messrs. Walter H. Jessop and

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crimes — even murder — against persons who are later proved to

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.M.P., Deputy Inspector-General Gordon, C.B., M.D., Surgeon

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^<.„toi ,i; ^A^^ ,u ^ 1 J c cessary visual or auditory stimulus is pro-

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shows a highly inflamed condition, and on cutting into the tissue, pus exudes. /Mz/f— Pei i-

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in fresh milk which originally numbered 5,000 per cubic centimeter

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tention abroad than has hitherto been the case, and that its

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the subject, considering that life itself is a mystery, and the

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the vital energies, until death relieves the patient of an existence

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doubt as to the reparative powers of the damaged tis-