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young, and old tissue, is not, however, I think, frequently possible.
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iodide of mercury), and if that fails the firing iron and
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heart, and war nephritis, have been largely rewritten.
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is in twelve below it ; that the mortality has increased, as often as dimin-
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DE WITT C ENOS, M.D., Prot of General and DeaerlptlYe Anat
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whatever. Arachnoid over medulla thickened and oedematous. Cicatricial
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toneum here has greater resisting power. In the stomach cases quanti-
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It is evident that the mechanical condition of the food partly deter-
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septum was complete in five cases, deficient in three, and no
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deaths which occur in a country from a number of given dis-
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tion, from the solid state of polymerization to a gas-
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made an opening in the false membrane and inserted the canula.
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countr}-; the trading companies of the Congo Free State are the Hud-
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mand, and this by the laws of trade should be met with a
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testinal obstruction. J. Internat. Coll. Surg., 10:174-184,
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prepared to say that he thought its use unattended with
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tively remarkable advances. The development of language
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hemorrhage. First, by cautery ; second, by division
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This book presents in three hundred and three pages, in a most inter-
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can be procured if the subject is properly placed before their asso-
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lemma giving way sets free a granular detritus. In some forms of gan-
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its ready control by the processes of disinfection,
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larger than usual occasioned pain. He mentioned that on one oc-
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pneumonia is a form of the disease which tends to spread from one part of
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plaints) every few hours, then every six, and for the last week
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tomy was subsequentiy performed with a fatal result, which will
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the activity of substances upon an infecting organism and a means of
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by itself prove fatal to calves, and the subject was deemed of sufhcient
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both resulting from ignorant confidence on the part of helpless
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and the author of several works bearing on the partic-
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stant cultural or immunologic type of bacterium was associated with
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irritant, operating on the nervous system, to produce
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the extremity of the neck, and this is firmly connected with the bottom
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Portenoy, Russell Keith. Associate Professor of Neurology
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late and glycocholate of soda. Having carefully re-
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In the last reported discussion in this debate, M. Brown-
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heart generally intermittent, unequal, and sometimes very strong,
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Recent honors include the Roswell Park Medal given in recognition of his
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is interference with the normal action of the organ. It is
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was a fact long known to every experienced surgeon, and was insisted
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ferent strains grew with clear supernatant broth and showed short
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The only way to make the inspection entirely satisfactory is to pro-
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a cottage ham, and when the shoulder blade is taken out it is called a boneless ham.
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