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Calvin M. Brewer, M.I>., Baltimore Medical College, 1888.
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analogously to that of malarial fever. In thirteen cases of ex-
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Library and Intelligencer, the editor trusts his subscribers will have
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the shadow found in the skiagraph, for without the testimony
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R. Mucilag. sem. lini, 3 iv. ; tincturae opii guttas 50. Pro enemate statira
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limes he was a long time in solitude, and occasionally loaded with heavy
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section third, fourth and fifth cervical spinous processes ; rapid
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The plan I have suggested in the following paper is
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112 Bronchitis and Broncho-pneumonia. Treatment in Children.
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of a spray of one part of chlorid of adrenalin to 10,000
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infection. The treatment should be of the simplest kind, con-
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brought back to me with a recurrence of the growth at
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Nebraska State Medical Society, Lincoln, May 7-9, 1901.
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