74-215 Interchange Project 74-215 Interchange Project
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74-215 Interchange Project
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Traffic congestion is an ongoing problem along Interstate 215, especially during peak morning and evening commute hours. This project will help local needs, including operations and safety, traffic flow, access and vertical clearance.

  • Operations and Safety – Of special note is the unusual five-point intersection at Redlands Avenue and 4th Street, south of the interchange. The southbound off-ramp ends at this intersection, which may increase wrong-way entry onto the freeway. There also is decreased visibility for drivers from this non-standard intersection. The average accident rates for State Route 74 in this area are more than double the statewide average. In addition, the southbound on-ramp begins at a cul de sac at the end of 4th Street, which also contains a driveway into an automobile dealer complex. Average accident rates at this southbound on-ramp are 70% higher than the statewide average.
  • Traffic – There is little space for drivers heading south on Redlands Avenue waiting to make a left turn onto 4th Street. There also is little space for drivers heading north on Redlands Avenue waiting to turn left onto State Route 74. Property in this area is scheduled to be developed, leading to more traffic and difficult operations. Intersection improvements will enhance traffic flow and improve storage space for drivers turning left.
  • Access – Drivers currently have difficulty accessing local businesses, including Denny’s and the local auto plaza, due to vehicles traveling on 4th Street to reach southbound I-215. Without improvements to this interchange, traffic congestion will be an ongoing impact to this area, possibly affecting the economic climate.
  • Vertical Clearance – The standard vertical clearance under the bridge is 16.5 feet. However, the current clearance from the freeway to the bottom of the State Route 74 bridge is just 15.5 feet, creating non-standard conditions. Rebuilding the bridge will lead to standard conditions and improve the flow of goods through this area.