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74-215 Interchange Project
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— 138. HiRsOH. Inaug.-Diss., Leipzig, 1895. — 139. Johnston. Am. J. Med. Sc. 1895,

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shock and subsequent stimulus to the cutaneous surfaces

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remedy well, to apply them also to the back of the neck.

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the people: and as our enemies have given us battle,

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this fails and the testicle is very large, and you are certain it is the testi-

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they assist nature, not by increasing the actual suffering or the con-

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are often associated together. In all cases in which word-deafness has

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mum, because the time allowed for the degeneration is adequate

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the shock of complete extirpation could not be borne.

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There is, in fact, a partial loss of controlling power ; so that the

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on the opening Sunday. There was a Eeception at the Eathaus on

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each, at intervals of two weeks, together with mercurial inunctions. Except for a

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and there we stop. No difficulty follows the carrying

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the most minute examination was made. The small number

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been found" in a state of fatty degeneration. Simi-

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orate disquisition on this subject, we will briefly remark, that we do

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retom it to t^e gall-bladder, the area was more completely exposed,

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sound attendant on respiration was occasionally heard in the angle

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their trophic centers in the various autonomic ganglia. Their

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injury to an artery. They were seldom found in young children, chiefly

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Tyndale, Dr. J. Hilgard, local antiseptic treatment of

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harmony with all sound deductions in physiology and psychol-

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