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74-215 Interchange Project
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the candidate who succeeds best in a clinical competition.
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placed on research, in connection with which all requirements necessary for a scholarly
associated movements of the upper eyelid, which are always present under
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doxa). After some time, however, the reflex mechanism for emptying the
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groups of symptoms are: 1. Lead colic: Violent colicky pains radiating
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grows with improper nourishment of the child, and is repressed by proper
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Surgery, Clinical and Theoretical, Surgical Anatomy, Medicine, Patho-
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terior columns probably end, in part, at least, in the cerebral cortex in the
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various forms, especially as a result of injuries which affect the brachial plexus
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r^r.«f;- J/"'^L°^ methods have been used to determine the quality of eqqs At the
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surgioal praotioe of the hospitaL Stadenta having entered for any period to the
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ous injections, gV to gV gr. (gm. 0.001 to 0.003) daily.
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the blood may, to be sure, show a variety of anaemic changes, but, at all events,
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drawn np with due attention to the following roles : The person signing it
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Spiller has found extensive degenerative changes in the nerve cells of the
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plication of galvanism to the neck — the so-called galvanization of the sym-
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increase, the general condition becomes worse, until finally the last stage of the
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and tenable for one year, is awarded by University College to that
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of course, never due to the kind of lesion, but only to
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and particularly the branches of the middle cerebral artery in the fissure of
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ances are usually the final immediate cause of death, if an intercurrent dis-
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of merit." F. Tam/ner prize : Is of the value of £10, and is awarded
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examvMxtion : Human Physiology, Human Embryology, Anatomy and
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body is wholly at rest, but it returns at once on any voluntary movement
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tural requirements forwhlch Jh2^nif[?Ite Is^J^i^J^^ the^ontrac- t
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columns of the cord, and are here connected with the large motor ganglion