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The tumor was thought to be a distended bladder, but on catheteriza-
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As the surest indication of the advance or regression of any new plan or
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ence of their opinions, by every fair expedient 1 can
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cells lining the capillaries of various organs, where
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and their pathogenic characters present so many peculiarities, that it is
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away down the valley, there is an admirable bathing establishment,
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seen any evil consequences. Dr. Heywood Smith's case was one of secondary
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character of the rachitic process is an inflammation, the patho-
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472 JUDSON : Early Attention to Infantile Paralysis.
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There had been only three convulsive attacks since the
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inoculated Brittany cow conveyed the affection to two
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cast-iron, are burst into such numerous fragments, and with such
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rhages arc common on the surface. On section the surface is anaemic,
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no knack for games ; the weights or the bars are to
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Menschen in Brasilien •C'Centralbl. f. klin. Med., Leipz., v. 6 (23), 6. Juni,
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showing the streptococcus scarlatina; to be the cause
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NORVASC on ambulatory BP in 15 evaluable hypertensive patients (diastolic BP
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two parts : the anterior one occupied by the eyeball ;
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bigness of a six cent piece to that of a dollar, and larger,
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the feeling of false security thus created has led a number of parents to
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ranged by F. S. Carkv, Esq., Senior Obstetric Resident. — Mr. Hicks has not
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limbs exhibited extreme deformity from rickets, but
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and form to the attachment of the placenta, and the uterine cavity
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of the larva was no longer normal. Temperatures above 27.5° no
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oinghe had a furious paroxysm of maniacal delirium — the erysi-
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operative interference held good. He considered that it was
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"1st. There'' should be no important changes in nomencla-