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carotid on the left; then it courses beside the esophagus, and is distrib-
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also been accused of exerting a predisposing or exciting influence. The
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requires simply an enema. On the other hand, diarrhea presents an in-
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the eyeball downward and rotates it, paralysis causes defective down-
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of the stomach salicyluric acid appears in the urine two or three hours
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arms it is usually the upper arms), one arm and leg, or the spinal,
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means of mustard-paste, followed by the application of iodin once daily,
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chymatous degeneration may be almost exclusively limited to the glome-
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dyspepsia is often to relieve, or is of neutral eff"ect, whereas in catarrhal
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(g) The preceding group is to be distinguished from those cases in
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and the convulsions have ceased after their expulsion. 9. Debility,
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tric carcinoma is altogether symptomatic, no remedy with any power
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This is also true, in Bcenninghausen, of numerous other con-
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are taken daily — " such, for instance, as a breakfast of fruit, cracked
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latter measures, as a rule, promptly relieve the patient's suffering. Local
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traumatism inflicted either at birth or subsequently, atrophy and sclerosis,
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factive changes from prolonged retention. The degree of dilatation is,
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and pancreatin. When hyperacidity exists, diastas6 and ptyalin may be
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irritability of the prostate (especially in advanced age) that are so often
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Symptoms. — Often the patient experiences a sensation oi fulness
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normal. In grave cases it will either remain low or will mount up to
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distinct, and for each service a separate annual report to the trus-
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and if these be combined Avith the prolonged administration of nerve-
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auto and conveyed to the Homoeopathic Hospital, a few blocks away;
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attention up to the present, for various reasons, among which
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or exhausted, directly or indirectly, in the struggle against the toxin of
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organism was found in mild types of nephritis, and Engel believes it to
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scope moving so rapidly that consciousness is unable to follow the rapidly
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engorgement ; hence there is no dropsy and no tartuosity of the veins.
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abdominal quadrant. Most of all should it be considered in a
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are absolutely satisfactory." — Bostoti Aledical and Sicrgical Journal.
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before forty years of age; after which time the danger in-
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of the bile-acids. In certain cases, however, associated with destruc-
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attack. It is generally not possible to tell whether the condition is due
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more frequently affected than females, and the disease almost invariably
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weakness may need such stimulants as digitalis, strophanthus, and the
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sclerosis under the direct supervision of Dr. J. P. Sutherland. Dr. Suther-
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symptom ^\e should be guarded in making a diagnosis. Initial pain is
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the most diagnostic. "While hemorrhage is the leading single symptom
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