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by opiate injections or suppositories, fomentations, warm bathing,
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Seven hundred thousand dollars will be expended iin
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I, Chlorine absorption chamber; K—L, chlorine solution line; V, water con-
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see Mrs. M., aged twenty-eight, who gave the follow-
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y = the average percentage of C(X or O 2 in the alveolar air; then,
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college than long ones, so that there are fewer men
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"Marine, D., and Kimball, O. P.: Jour. Lab. and Clin. Med., 1917, iii, 41.
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and civilisation in every community, give them a special
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nesota. The Scholarship plan, begun in 1948, has made
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Insomnia and its Treatment — In cases of insomnia de-
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18'?2.] Brown, Pelvic Peritonitis and Peri-utcrine Cellulitis. 65
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See Male Surgical RegiBter, vol. iv. (1892). No. 1408.
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