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five (35.5 percent) were treated in the emergency room and
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The Council is pleased to note that a pilot study is in
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important are that : — (1) it gives a reference, not merely to a page, but
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Walter Reed Hospital, showed that similar lesions were found by him
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report documents such an infection in a patient with bron-
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government. I plead for reason, logic, and consistency in
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expanded to include patient management problems and it
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components of competence. Taking a lead from the Ameri-
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MuEEAY (H. Montague), on a case of gastric ulcer with unusual
to express his obligation to A. K. Stone for constant assistance and to
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on those of frogs, or other amphibious animals ; and those of
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sinuses may be one of recurrence, repeated infection, and
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expected, C. hitceniorhyncus was often pre ent, appearing in March,
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make rational changes in his therapeutic regimen. It seems
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patient 2 and show the initial “J” waves (arrows) when temperature
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the patient but frightening as well. Under such circum-
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ance after the operation was exceedingly slight and there was
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Laparotomy was performed within three hours after the
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a case of saturnine cachexia, illustrating paralysis of arms
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cytotoxic and interstitial cerebral edema. The origin of the
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construction of a double vagina would be an obstacle
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Epsom salt, a salt formed of the volatile alkali and the vitriolic
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But the most remarkable conclusion that these experiments
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have roles to play in a successful attack on cancer, which is
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will exercise jurisdiction. DISAPPROVED, because this bill lacks
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arthritis than any other of the articulations." Our own obser-
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occupying the position of the condyles of the humerus. The
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to serve as official intermediaries between MSNJ and the
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became septic again and a liver scan and Gallium scan re-
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other group of thirty-two patients, in addition to diet
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Sect. 23. The thymus is situated in the superior part of
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Health and Higher Education. Additional partners and ad-
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ravine C, and the paddy field under disturbed soil conditions. It
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«, a, a, a, The skin, muscles, and ends of the ribs, the
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into about six branches running parallel to each other, and then