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the St.. Marylebone General (Welbeck Street) Dispensary. ' '. '
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The first aim of the assembled Commission was to acquaint
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University Medical School ; P. J. Scannell. Queen's College, cork ;
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though it was still irregular. She also, for the first time, said
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«arly stage of the ' psorosperm,' the further life-history of
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of Henwick Grange, Worcester, has by his will bequeathed
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editorial business of the Jouhnal be addressed to the Kditor at the
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gradually, until on March IGth it reached 103°. He had
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the lower end of the bcwel lay completely closed, within the
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vaccinated (this being so for the fifteen years 1873-87 as
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Catalogue, should be addressed to Robert Howden, M.B.,
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January 23rd, 1893, with a small smooth projection from the
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to submit the matter to full and skilled investigation. Dr.
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The patient was subsequently brought once a fortnight to
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face is thoroughly drenched with a 1 to 10,000 solution of bi-
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The Council then considered an application from Mr. David
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it has never been seen by mortal man, and we cannot admit
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Clitl'ord AUbutt; Clinical Lecture. London Throat Hos-
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these materials from the hop plants are thus introduced into
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between the asylum and surrounding districts in the continu-
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At the bedside I gave you my reasons for regarding this
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Section A. — Foods and Drugs, including Prepared Foods,
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treated under the title of " relapsing herpetiform dermatosis."
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most typical, examples of the disease. For bronchiectasis is
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T/ie LhfT is on the left side. Hepatic dulness begins at the
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supposed to be miscarrying. He examined her, and finding
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April there were in the Prortnce of Ufa 113 cases and 3.5 deaths, the
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In attempting to prepare sections from the fresh spinal cord",
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every department of natural science, and the importance of a study
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was anxious to have the appendix removed. The operation was carried
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The discussion was continued by Messrs. Morgan, Chep-
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which there is no foundation. It is probable that the existing
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Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; C. Salkeld, B A., College of .Medicine. New-
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14,900,1100 in payments to hospitals and contributions to funeral expenses.
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these varieties. In cultivating he often used a simple solu-
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removal of ovaries and tubes when there are no adhesions,
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op., daily, exo. S., 1.30; Ear, M., l.So ; Skin. F., 1.30 ; Throat,
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the Hippocratic treatises. He says : " The anatomical de-