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monthly average was 200 per month with seventeen per cent, posi-

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elastic ligature at the lower angle of the abdominal wound, and was dusted

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the Westminster Hospital, London, has lately advocated {Brit.

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important biologic reactions, regardless of what we think we

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occurred, particularly in elderly or debilitated patients.

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yet known here, the management of the A'arious forms and compHca-

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obtained by small doses of streptococcic vaccine in lymphangitis and

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occurs, "of inane speciosities, the surgical literature of cancer is already too uncomforta-

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The bloodvessels of the corium are injected both immediately beneath and

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Resolved, That the Recorder is entitled to the "dis-

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severe and more general, and then for the first time

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York. We earnestly hope that the New express company in

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ler end of the Narcotic scale, may often advantageously be

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introduced Stilling's knife, and notched the stricture in three

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a great desideratum. We find women, therefore, in busi-

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twenty articles in Reviews could make the same asser-

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rience Negri bodies are more easily demonstrated in brain tis-

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Metastasis, — A term denoting a change or shifting of

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cordium will exercise a prompt and satisfactory influence.

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standing at the door of a saloon, was suddenly pushed

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knife to use is a curved, sharp-pointed bistoury, and a free incision should be

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Turner, A. Logan, The Operative Treatment of Chronic Suppuration in the

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or by an extra-peritoneal incision in the lumbar region, or of the

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A seventh, who died on the third day after admission,

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Lewis' paper with a good deal of interest, and I have very little to say

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In operations on the mouth and in the naso-pharyngeal space

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All history has been revolutionized during tiie past century by

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times the arytenoid cartilages can be seen. As a further develop-

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male, forty-five years of age, had, for years, been more

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At five A. M., under chloroform anesthesia, force})s

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trained nurse, by marriage. A certain surgeon once said, "So many

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we made some examinations of the urine of another patient, who

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posed, No. 2, of five-sixths, and No. 1, of four-sixths of the proportions

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results of cerebellar deficiency as such, apart from indirect influences, the

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“Today we are in the protein era.’’* This terse but meaningful state-

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