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tive tendency, cannot be attributed to any personal predilections
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The analyses made by Dobell and Jepps, 7 Mathews 8 and Smith 9 have
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description of a typical case of any disease, with its etiology,
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in other ways. Diaphoretics and cathartics are of service. The
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and may then be sterilized by boiling (or immersion in ether)
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The instruction is given mainly by the Superintendent
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In the following we are going to discuss the luetin reaction as
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Ealenbarg, Dr. A., on the treatment of trembling by arsenical hypodermic injections 125
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of this branch of sanitary work, in connection with
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dysarthria, cerebellar ataxia, and involuntary movements
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more often in the East, that is, tropical lands," and
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