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solution of platinum (prepared by allowing an electric arc to form be-
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staff, ward officers, operating staff, ophthalmologist,
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supply. No one can doubt the great value of this ar-
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instead of five parts of Scammony, whenever Scammony can-
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scarcely satisfying enough. The plan of indexing, too, is hardly suffi-
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Its solubility of two parts in one of water, its rapid absorp-
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Obesity is not peculiar to any particular period of life. The
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using the trephine with the conical crown. This is ob-
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found it necessary to allow the courtesans and prostitutes to enter the temples
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HART WELL, Benjamin H., resid., Washington St. ; office,
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twelve the nipple was retracted, in one partially, and in one par-
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The second kind of evidence is in reality nothing more than a corollary
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Mary Jane Brown, A.B. Albert Martinius Holmquist, S.M.
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second day, under treatment, and the patient seemed
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the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Medi-
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24, which is equivalent; for 1894 it was 1.25 inches on
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Rciclic,* in 42 autopsies on cases of diphtheria in which the Loeffler
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should always be left in the wound or whether it should
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Aseptic operations were carried out as readily and with results as satis-
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blood-vessels form in loops in the developing lymph and
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chyma and not elsewhere in the respiratory tract in 3 of 7 cases of septicaemia.
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